Three Main Focuses and Goals:

1. The values of dance
- Understanding your body
- Understanding your emotions and integrating them into movement
- Making the dance your own

2. Why is dance good for you?
- Artistic freedom
- Self- expression and less stress
- Physical activity leading to a healthy lifestyle

3. What changes can dance bring?
- A healthier you
- A body that is strong, supple, and active
- A new way to express yourself in a healthy manner

No formal dance experience required. Must be able to understand your body's movements and limitations and how to move to music.

Equipment: A dancing space. Nice flooring, lots of room to move in, lighting. An iPod dock or stereo to play music.
Advanced Preparation: Dance instructor must understand what he or she is teaching. Must have a deep understanding of dance. He or she should have prepared a dance sequence ahead of time and chose music to go with the class.
Teaching Strategy: Hands on, moving throughout the class, talking and communicating ideas in a thorough, easily understandable manner. Must be approachable and trusted, as dance is intimate and most people are not comfortable with moving around in front of others.

Activity #1: Understanding your body
Lesson One: Close your eyes. Move to the music and try to convey the feelings the lyrics are saying.
Lesson Two: Everyone sit in a large circle on the floor. To the best of your ability, copy what the instructor is doing on the inside of the circle. This is a warm-up type exercise to understand your limitations and full range of body motion.

Activity #2: Why is dance good for you?
Lesson Three: Learn a simple dance sequence taught by the instructor. This dance sequence should start off easy and gradually become more invigorating. You will have time to learn it, don't worry about stumbling! Observe how you feel after a full class of movement. Feeling energetic? Less stressed? Happy?

Activity #3: What changes can dance bring?
Lesson Four: After a few classes, you should be able to decide if dance is for you or if it isn't. In a manner of weeks, you will begin to notice changes in your body. Muscles will start appearing and you will sleep better, thus waking up energetic and fulfilled. These changes are only the beginning. A lifelong dance commitment can bring less health problems later on in life.

An example of what would be taught in the class.