Courtesy of the Saskatchewan's Arts Education Curriculum Guide

The above is a general breakdown of what an educator may teach in Dance Education in a high school setting. Dance 10 is meant for children aged 15-16 in Grade 10 of their high school education. Dance 20 and 30 is open for any high school student who has passed the prerequisite of Dance 10, with higher levels of learning and expectations in dance proficiency.

If I were to teach in a school, I would not introduce this curriculum until the later years seeing that most Saskatchewan schools do not have Dance Education as of yet. I also want to integrate creativity and freedom, as that is what dance should be foremost about. Technique and background knowledge comes second to having fun and expressing yourself, especially for the younger grades. The following includes my own form of teaching through past experience and learning at the University of Regina:

Elementary level Dance Education:

Introduction to Movement: learning the full motion of the body

Introduction to Creativity: discovering the creative ways the body can move and working with the process rather than the product.

Integrating Music into Movement: learning basic choreography and becoming more aware of connecting movements to music.

Showcase: Present a dance
(Final weeks leading up to the end of school year)

Middle-Years level Dance Education

Introduction to Dance Vocabulary: having learned about the creative process and the full range of motion of the body from elementary school, one can now move on to the basic vocabulary of dance up to the advanced, depending on level of experience.

Introduction to Choreography: a step ahead of the choreography learned in elementary. This choreography will contain more intricate steps but still leaves room for artistic expression and fun.

Introduction to the History of Dance: as dance becomes more academic, students will learn the history of dance and do a research report on a contemporary choreographer or dancer of their choice.

High School level Dance Education

Dance 10: Introduction to Movement, Introduction to Dance Vocabulary, Introduction to Basic Choreography

Dance 20: History of Dance and the Great Choreographers of the Past

Dance 30: Choreographing on your Own, Creating Dances, Showcase Dance Performance